Lady S speaks: Board tales – Chapter 6

At last, nearly a year later, I am finally back to a world that I enjoy exploring – stories.

So, readers, where were we? Ah yes! I was deeply engrossed in my teaching stints at DSU aka Dayananad Sagar University, Bengaluru.

Now, having spent some time interacting with the students of DSU’s media department, I wondered whether teaching ‘media’ was ever going to be enjoyable again.

It wasn’t long before the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), situated in Kerala’s Kottayam district, had made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse. The authorities wanted me to teach the fundamentals of New Media journalism to their newest batch. There were about 10 students but the classes were fun-filled and educative, especially for the instructor. More importantly, I had the opportunity to teach them journalism in a manner that I found suitable. It was truly rewarding to see some of them excel in their work and become respected professionals as well. The students managed blogs, social media pages, thought of scripts, wrote book reviews (an initiative that the ‘instructor’ had taken to help them hone their reading habits), and more.

The projects, as a matter of fact, had continued for a while with the subsequent batches making efforts to further fine-tune their presentations. Indeed, my dream of being a trainer, a teacher, a guide and a friend had come true.

It has been many years since my stint at IIMC. But if there is one lesson that I have learnt from these experiences, it is the lesson of perseverance and faith. As teachers, it is our job to ensure that our students are taught skills that would prepare them (to a small extent) for the outside world. But we must constantly remind them of the importance of prioritising humanity over profitability. The truth is seldom sweet, but a truthful and sincere instructor would always be respected. I was delighted to see how my knowledge and perspectives could help shape a few lives and mould them into rational human beings.

Funny enough, some teaching centres treat their instructors like royalty and pay well, and some don’t. But, honestly, no sum of money would ever be able to substitute the sense of satisfaction that was experienced. Perhaps, one day in the distant future, I would consider being a teacher full-time to learn more and feel younger. After all, college life is a lot of fun!

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