Lady S speaks: Board tales – Chapter 5


For those of you who are wondering where (in Bengaluru) is the Dayanand Sagar University located, fear not for your are not alone.

The name of this institution sounded familiar but little did I know what was in store for me. So, what led me to this place of ‘learning’? The one and only Professor Katarey.

Yes, Professor Rakesh Katarey now heads the institute’s School of Communication. Indeed, it was he who had requested me to conduct a lecture session for the students at the institute.

As I prepared myself for fun-filled session, I was shocked beyond imagine to see how different the academy environments were. While MASCOM was discipline personified, DSU’s kids put ‘chaos’ to shame; and even my teaching skills.

My activity-driven pedagogy had failed for the first time ever! More often than expected, I failed to act my age. “Clearly, there is something that I have not learnt or been aware of,” I thought to myself.

The high decibel sounds, the utter disinterest in the subject and their above-the-law attitudes were few aspects that added to some unique value to this teaching experience.

In all honesty, this was when I had learnt the true essence of the word – teacher.

I could see a few interested souls, craving to learn more and absorb all that they can in those two hours sessions. Some were excited to explore the space and find out how they could contribute meaningfully. It was this desire – to delve deeper – that had motivated me to complete the task at hand and maintain as cordial a relationship as I could with the group at large.