Lady S Speaks: Board tales – Chapter 3


Apologies dear readers! The sultry summers and my sheer inability to manage my time has led to this late entry. But, hold your horses! It’s time for the more interesting side to my story.

Yes, KTO had helped me understand the nuances of teaching. He taught the subtle differences between firm and harsh. More importantly, he valued the term responsibility (some times more than expected!).

Soon, it was my turn to train young aspiring journalists. Until then, I imagined that training or classroom sessions would merely be a longer and more strenuous workshop, that involved activities and discussions. Indeed, I was unaware of KTO’s expectations.

There I was. Standing upright before a crowd of future journalists. Some yearned to learn as much as they could. Some others attended the sessions for reasons that remain unknown.

At first, it was about being nice and friendly as well as engaging the students with fun assignments. Over the day, I learnt that my lenient and friendly approach didn’t appeal to the senior faculty members. Thus, I decided to change my strategy. Stricter, firmer yet more perseverance. I wanted the students to experience a field that I have enjoyed exploring in the past nine years. Then again, the students had to know what the term ‘hard-work’ meant.

More importantly, I had regular job too – a journalist working for a reputed publication. Juggling these tasks was an adventure like none other.

It was not long before I had realised that teaching too was a power game like many other professions.

I wanted to push my student out of their comfort zones and explore the profession in a rather supervised manner. But the approach was not appreciated by the seniors. Assignments and classes were cancelled without my consent owing to apparent bad weather. ‘Story gathering’ days were postponed due to the absence of a ‘bus’ to take the students to a event held 1 kilometre away! Shocked, and disappointed, I chose to gradually step back and observe the game.