Lady S speaks: Chapter 6


Here are a few aspects that I have learnt about book publishing through this experiment:

  1. Stories are good but readers matter more. Always craft your work for the audience that you wish to reach out to.
  2. Editing, illustrations and even formatting is time consuming. However, it is wiser to hire professionals to do the same as they would be aware of the quicker and more effective ways of fine-tuning a book.
  3. Printed copies work wonders. But it is important to think 360 degrees. Hence, you must ensure that all your work is available not only as printed editions but also in the form of audio files as well as online books.
  4. Always ‘budget’ your publishing expenses.
  5. You might want to publicise your work via social media platforms too.
  6. Last but not the least, focus on quality and enjoy the process.

I hope these posts have given you an insight into the world of book publishing. Here is a secret – it is addictive. Not all authors become best-sellers. But stories are beyond awards. Personally, I enjoyed publishing my book and am looking forwards to doing so again.

If you haven’t read the book yet, click here.