Lady S speaks: Chapter 4


The stories fell in line and I was soon confronted with a commotion like none other. Who would do me the honour of reading the stories that I had written. I knew a reputed publisher would never be appreciative of my work. Also, my financial situation had discouraged me from hiring professionals to fine-tune the tales.

So, FAMILY became my obvious option for the ‘post-production’ work. My mother often spoke of her love for writing and this project had rekindled her love for the written word. Her sisters were supportive too, lending their inputs and helping me check facts efficiently. My uncle, as a matter of fact, performed the toughest tasks of all. He had illustrated images for the book. Needless to say, he is a gifted artist and has an eye for detail.

But, time was a factor that I hadn’t taken into account. Little did I know that illustrations and editing a book would take a longer than a day or a week (even if the book contained only 30 pages!).

Thus began the trickiest task of all. Editing and re-working the tales.

But, was the effort worth it? I would say – Definitely.


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