Lady S speaks: Chapter 3


I began recollecting those moments that were closest to my heart. These included those precious bedtime stories, the ‘pretend’ games that we played, and of course our daily Malayalam classes.

In many families, grandparents are more than mere guests. They are baby-sitters, cooks and sometimes disciplinarians. My grandmother was no different. But, she was willing to bend the rules to see a smile on our faces. Often, she was party to our mischief too. As these thought continued to tickle my mind, I could sense my face-lighting up. Those memories had brought a smile like none other.

At first, the tales seemed worthy of a blog entry. But, as time went by, I realised that many people would have had similar experiences with their grandparents. Soon, the blog had become a synopsis for something that I would term as ‘my dream project’.

I felt – “These stories are worth sharing. After all, she would have loved a good laugh and was always thrilled to see others smiling to their heart’s content.”

The first chapter was the hardest of them all. What do I write? How do I write it? Would the contents offend someone? The questions ceased to end. But, I was determined to see this project become a reality. Thus, began Chapter of the book – Mani – my pal.

The tales began to flow, the memories became less jaded. Soon, Chapters 2, 3 and 4 had come to life!

So, what happened after compiling the stories?