Lady S speaks: Chapter 2


At first, I was driven by many emotions. Should the book elaborate on the tragedies of a person’s life, or should it be inspire people? Or could the book be a mere book of joy? I was happy, yet sad; angry yet relieved. For a while, my attempt at writing something other than articles felt like a lost cause. But soon, I began seeing a side of me that was hidden within for a long time. I saw my grandmother grinning, playing with me and telling me stories in her unique yet fascinating style. It wasn’t longer after this moment, did I decide the tone of each tale in the book. Yes, the subject of my book was my maternal grandmother.

Writing books is no walk in the park. One often needs to feel inspired to publish a novel or a short story collection. While works of fiction require a great deal of imagination, non-fiction works are a whole new venture.

My grandmother had passed away three years ago. The incident changed my life in many ways. Primarily, because I was the youngest member of the family (or in a generation). But, if there was one aspect that had helped me during the course of little venture, it was her love for her grandchildren. My grandmother had won many hearts and her love continues to have a positive impact on the family.

This realisation had triggered a certain ‘Eureka’ moment. Love is often a positive yet power feeling. I thought to myself, “Could I possibly write about the lives of a person, without raking me unpleasant moments?” The answer was – Yes.

Often themes or subjects for publications are based on what the audience would love to read. But the best of the best books, allow the reader to travel into an unknown realm. Well, this theme did not take my readers that far. Instead, it was centred around something that many people cherish – memories and children.

Soon, the contents began to see the light of day.

(…to be contd…)