Lady S speaks: Chapter 1

My sincere apologies to all my fans. It has been a long time indeed! But, honestly, this delay was completely unintentional. Never had I imagined ‘work-from-home’ to be more hectic than the office. I admit, it does feel good to be back.

Like the rest of the planet, Covid-19 has changed my life in many ways. To begin with, I spent nine-months with my parents – helping them tidy up the house, tutoring my mother with regards to mobile apps and online shopping, playing badminton my father and more. While all of it seemed surreal at first, it soon became a part of me. They are tiny elements of joy – without which I don’t think my life would be complete (at least, not any more).

If there was one activity that add a unique charm to my present state of affairs, it was writing. No, not articles. But, a book.

Now, a friend of mine commented, “Ah! There is a one person who spent their time wisely.” While the reaction seemed rather strange (There are many authors across the globe), I considered it to be a compliment.

So, what prompted me to write a book? I swear, writing books were never on my agenda. Having grown-up with the works of Enid Blyton and Mark Twain, this task seemed near impossible. Imagination, clearly, was not the only prerequisite for the profession. Writing books demanded a great deal of perseverance, patience and passion. It takes more than a mere sense of determination to write material that would suit a particular age group.

My fears, however, were put to rest after a fascinating conversation with a family friend’s father. This gentleman, worked at an Ashram in Andhra Pradesh and had published several books in the past. Before we began our conversation, he had handed over three books to me. Surprisingly, these books were about complex Hindu philosophical concepts. Yet, the books consisted of not more than 20 pages each. Interestingly, the books contained stories too. As we began talking, I was amazed to learn what had inspired him to do so. He said, “My books are short. If they contain too many pages, nobody would be interested in reading them.” Needless to say, the reader wouldn’t have to spend many hours to read the book.

Soon, there was a certain ‘itch’ to do more. It was then that I decided to sit down and draft my first book (available here too). The experience of story-telling has always fascinated me. But, penning them down, and sharing them with a larger group of people? That was an avenue that I was yet to explore. For a long time, it was about typing the tale on a word-document, followed by the glorious combination of the keys -Ctrl+A and Shift+Delete.

Until, one day, I decided to write about a subject that impacted my life and personality. Thus, I began spending every free moment before my screen, typing out stories that made my laugh heartily. The experience was unique.

… (To be contd)