Monday evening review: Mr & Mrs 55 – Oh! The Charming Guru Dutt

My friends have deemed me to be ‘silly’, ‘strange’ and perhaps a little ‘wonky’ in the recent past. My bet is that this recent love for everything before my time seems incomprehensible to many.

But in all honesty, cinema knows no timeline. Some movies are priceless and so are some actors.

The 1955 classic – Mr and Mrs 55 – is an example what charming pairs on the silver screen truly are.

What was the tale?

A cartoonist (played by Guru Dutt), is asked to do his boss a personal favour. His kind heart obliges and he meets the aunt (played by Lalita Pawar) of an heiress named Anita (played by Madhubala). The aunt speaks highly of a woman’s independence and is against the institution of marriage. She believes that marriage would curb a woman’s freedom and deny her a chance to be her ownself. This, however, is against the beliefs held by Anita’s parents. Her aunt proposes a strange yet apparently effective arrangement to protect Anita. But, the story takes a strange turn when the cartoonist lays eyes on the heiress.

What did I love?

This was the first time I had watched legendary comic, Johnny Walker, showcasing his true skills. Walker, who plays the cartoonists’ best friend, presented his humorous dialogues with ease.

However, nothing could beat the charming persona of Guru Dutt. There wasn’t a moment during the film when I hadn’t thought to myself, “Had I been born ‘way before’ the 90s…”

Jaane kahaan mera – still makes me smile

For those who have grown up listening to a few classic Bollywood songs, this number will always linger in your heads. Composed by O P Nayyar, and sung by Mohammed Rafi as well as Geeta Dutt, Jaane kahaan mera, is yet another evergreen ‘fun’ song:

My take

This movie isn’t a ‘slow-coach’. But the plot is predictable.

If you would like to watch a no-brainer and travel back in time to understand the power of studio filming, this movie could make your wishes come true.

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