Monday evening review: Choti Si Baat (1976) – evergreen ideed!

Human emotions are complicated. We never hesitate to hurt or tease a person, but the matters of the heart often go unsaid. Why?

Well, Choti Si Baat is one movie that explains why love can be complicated.

Directed by Basu Chatterji, this movie was released in the year 1976! Yet the essence of this love story continues to linger in the world, even in the 21st century.

The movie stars renowned actor and director Amol Palekar and one of Hindi cinema’s legends – Ashok Kumar.

What is the story?

Arun Pradeep, an accountant at a reputed company in Mumbai is head-over heels in love with Prabha. Incidentally, Prabha and Arun have their offices located in the same building. Then again, like most people Arun never mustered up the courage to tell her. Despite his absolute ability to do so, Prabha too develops a certain liking towards Arun but decides to play along and test his perseverance. The situation becomes complicated when Arun meets Prabha’s male colleague Nagesh, who seems to have a huge crush on Prabha. Arun soon begins to feel left out and worthless as he lacks a few ‘factors’ that Nagesh possesses – a scooter, sporting skills and the ability to speak at any give point of time. Desperate to win Prabha’s heart, Arun sets out to meet Julius Nagendranth Wilfred Singh, a retired Colonel and a life coach. What follows is something truly charming!

Why do I love this movie?

Choti Si Baat is a rather realistic love story and depicts the tiniest of tiny emotions that truly matter in relationships. It shows how perseverance, acceptance and a sense of self-worth makes one a complete human being. Thereby, allowing you to love yourself before letting the one you love rules your world. Arun Pradeep (played by Amol Palekar) and Prabha (played by Vidya Sinha) have been my family’s favourite couple for many decades.

The movie is absolutely hilarious yet charming. With Julius Nagendranth Wilfred Singh (played by Ashok Kumar) and Nagesh (Asrani) adding a certain ‘twang’ to the whole plot, this film is truly a story on screen and not a mere depiction of an assumed reality.

The music, composed by Salil Chaudhary, are evergreen is every sense.

Precious little to dislike

In all honesty, I found it rather difficult to spot any flaws in the acting styles of the movie’s cast. The film was engaging and thoroughly enjoyable. Yes, I did not like the scene where Julius Nagendranth Wilfred Singh was seen hunting birds. But perhaps I failed to understand that race of human beings.

My take

The movie takes you back to the times when trunk-calls and telegrams were the ONLY means to quick communication. But it also portrays a world that people wanted to be part of despite the hardships that the society had to face at that point in time.

For those of who haven’t watched Choti Si Baat, believe me, it worth a watch or more!