Panoramas – Left to right

I have always been fascinated by the world of panoramic photography. To capture the world in 180 degrees is an art in its own right. The trick to good panoramic photography is to ensure that the film speed (aka the ISO) and the aperture value and the shutter speed remain constant while clicking various portions of the frame. It is always safer to do so by capturing parts of the previous frame to ensure a certain degree of overlapping. This makes it easier to stitch the images together.

Today, however, mobile phones provide the user a feature that can help do so effortlessly. The results, as a matter of fact, are as good or sometimes better.

Here are a few panaromic shots that I had captured using my DSLR:

Besant Nagar beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
A fish-eye view an island in Kochi, Kerala
Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
The Chennai International Airport, Tamil Nadu

The photographs were shot using a Nikon D300 with a 24-85mm VR lens