Motorcycles, history, and food – #Hyderabad | Video

A view of Secunderabad at night

 Having spent over three weeks in India’s silicon valley, Bengaluru, my love for some peace and quiet had amplified. Moreover, I yearned to see another way of life. Hence, no sooner had the weekend come to an end, than I set out to yet another destination. This time, the bus chose to take me through a seven-hour-long pathway towards a land of history and fascinating cuisine!

Why use a motorcycle?

If you fancy cinema and design, then you are bound to be Ramoji Fan. But, hold on! Is that the only part of this ancient Deccan Kingdom? Don’t worry! All you need is an open-mind a motorcycle! Cities today are about traffic, wider roads and a lot of noise. But the true essence of a place lies in its bylanes. It is these routes that distinguish the native from the ‘visitor’. These are a series of puzzles that only biker is likely to solve. But always exercise caution.

A view of Secunderabad at night
A view of Secunderabad at night

A brief 

Although I did explore Ramoji Film City many moons ago, there was precious little that I had learnt about the city of Hyderabad.

The old city of Hyderabad. Photo: Pawan Vasu
The old city of Hyderabad. Photo: Pawan Vasu

To begin with, Hyderabad was built towards the end of 16th century AD by Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah. For those of you who fancied the tales of the Bahmani And Vijayanagar kings, this city will guarantee you of a few interesting flavours.

And today…

Several centuries later, Hyderabad is truly a blend of cultures from across the globe. The public not only cherishes the traditions laid down by the late sultans but celebrate every occasion with utmost grandeur.

The city of Hyderabad was built around the Charminar.
The city of Hyderabad was built around the Charminar.

This was obvious during the Ganesh Chathurthi festivities in the city, especially in Khairatabad – the home of one of the largest Ganesh idols!

Khairtabad Ganesh
Khairtabad Ganesh in Hyderabad during the Ganesh Chathurthi festivities

Yummy indeed

Food is synonymous with Hyderabad. You can satisfy all your craving for the perfect kebabs, biriyani and (of course!) biscuits! Do not hesitate to halt at the Karachi Bakery, the city’s oldest and finest hub for baked goodies.

Only if you love bargaining

The Old City of Hyderabad offers you an opportunity of a lifetime. With numerous options to choose from, any shopaholic would go berserk! However, it would do you plenty good if you could master the art of bargaining. The shops can leave spellbound with the fascinating textile collections, bangles, and more. Then again, if you are a person who values a price-tag, maybe you could try your luck elsewhere.

The bangle stores at Laad Bazaar
A bangle store at Laad Bazaar. Photo: Pawan Vasu