Mulshi Dam: From #Pune to Bliss

Mulshi Dam in Pune, Maharashtra

If development meant ensuring that ‘Everything that is green, stays green’ then perhaps, the world would be more peaceful than ever before! Too philosophical? Maybe not.

A few weeks ago, a few close friends from Bengaluru had visited Pune. Excited, I decided to tag along with them (as much as I could or was permitted to!) and experience a few new aspects of the city. Having explored various parts of Maharashtra’s cultural capital on my own, this was indeed a relief. No offense but talking to yourself when you are lost is not fun!

So, my friends and their old classmate from college, their two-year-old son and I set out to the city’s outskirts. Incidentally, Pune’s outskirts have been ‘demarcated’ differently each year. We rented an Ola cab for a whole day, which was indeed a wise plan. After all, you are NOT in Pune if you believe the public transport systems are at its best!

After a quick diaper-change-pitstop at the Shivajinagar Bus Terminal, we head out to place known for its serene yet breathtaking views. Approximately 45 minutes later, there it was the Mulshi Dam.


Mulshi Dam in Pune, Maharashtra

Mulshi Dam in Pune, Maharashtra


Constructed on the Mula River, the water from the dam is used to run the Bhira Hydroelectric Power plant, which belongs to TATA Power

Mulshi Dam in Pune, Maharashtra

Mulshi Dam in Pune, Maharashtra

The little toddler yearned to run around and play with his little ball. We, on the other hand, wanted to sit-put and enjoy the view. Soon, we proceed towards a little eat-out called ‘Paradise’. The place was a favorite halt among most visitors to the dam. Not only did they serve food, but there was even a play area for the kids and souvenir store for those who love to shop!

Mulshi Dam in Pune, Maharashtra

Mulshi Dam in Pune, Maharashtra

The trip to the city was, however, not as enjoyable, due the (un)fortunate after office traffic! Nonetheless, it was worth a quick trip to a picturesque part of the district and be relieved of some reckless driving and pollution for a few hours!


#Punedarshan – Mulshi Dam

Means of transport: Hire a cab. If you are an avid biker (or a cyclist), this is your chance to put your endurance to the test.

Caution: This place is likely to really hot in the summers, cold in the winters but pleasant during the monsoons. Carry an umbrella. Bikers do wear your helmets and raincoats as the roads are rather slippery, especially between the months of June-August.

Food: A few bottles of water is a must. You could even carry a few light goodies to satisfy your intermittent hunger needs.



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