Asa tha Kasa – The Pune Story – Part 5

The Hadapsar Gliding School, Pune


Who wouldn’t be a jockey for a day? Hold on. Let me re-phrase it? How many of you would like to learn more about being a jockey?

Well, for a horse-lover such as myself the Zurick Equestrian Riding School, situated in Khraradi, Pune was an experience of a lifetime.

The desire the learn to ride them was intensified after watching Ostwind, a German movie about a horse that many termed to be dangerous.

Now, fear not. Although the area around the riding school looks rather rugged, the training and facilities at the center are outstanding. I was personally impressed by the way in which stables are managed as well as the manner in which riders and horses respected each other.

Run by Kushal Indrekar, the school trains its riders to follow the Equestrian style of riding. i.e style followed by the English.

The Zurick Equestrian Riding School

The Zurick Equestrian Riding School. Photo: Gitanjali Diwakar

Interestingly this centre was unlike many others and even offers trial sessions! You could even walk-in and learn the most fundamental lessons of horse-riding for Rs. 500. The sessions last for about an hour.

It was not long before I discovered that a gliding school around the corner as well. Indeed, it was the ever popular Hadapsar Gliding School. This place offers the public a chance to fly a glider every Sunday for about 15-20 minutes. Although the registrations begin at 9.30 am, the first flight is likely to take off only after 11 am.

Believe it or not, people do stand in queue to fly! The crowd gathers around the registration desk as early as 5.30 am or 6 am.

Hadapsar Gliding School, Pune

A view of the area aroudn the Hadapsar Gliding School. Photo: Gitanjali Diwakar

Unfortunately, Lady Luck refused to grant me a chance to do so and I was compelled to walk out of the place rather disappointed. Most importantly, it was a rather disorganised session, with the concerned authorities failing to inform the participants of the change in schedule, the wind conditions or even briefing them on the drill. The place is not demarcated well and you are bound to miss it!

The Hadapsar Gliding School, Pune

A view of the area aroudn the Hadapsar Gliding School. Photo: Gitanjali Diwakar


#Punelessons5 – The term “Punezen” is often said to be synonymous with “being oblivious to etiquette”. This is all the more evident in a Government-run venture such as the Hadapsar Gliding School. A fine school indeed, but only a few are aware of its activities. The result – you wonder why you even bothered to try learning more. I believe a glider is more expensive than a horse (or I could be wrong!). But if I had to choose between flying in the air with people who take the public for granted and couldn’t care less versus a school where the activities are carried out systematically, the choice is rather obvious!