Asa tha kasa – The Pune Story – Part 1

Five years in God’s Own Country – engrossed in the many wonders of mother nature; the hills of Idukki, the serene surroundings of the Vembanad Lake and more – seemed to have vanished in flash. Now, as I sit down at my study table at the hostel of the YWCA (Young Women’s Christain Association) at Pune, the memories of my instances of desperation continue to haunt me from time to time.

Well, this write-up was not meant to be a mere diary entry. Although such words are bound to be part of this page. Especially, after moving to a new city and being compelled to adapt to a new life.

Yes, I reached Pune on April 29, 2018. Since then, life has been a conglomeration of the unusual yet the articulate. My desire to pursue the C1 Geman language certification programme at the Goethe Insitut Pune led me to one of Maharashtra’s most ‘happening’ cities.

Pune, unlike Mumbai, is a city that boasts of its ability to cater to all sections of the society. Its cost of living is indeed cheaper than Mumbai (which is incidentally only a three-hour road-trip from Pune). But the rest is what many would term – a test of resourcefulness.


#Punelesson1  – I am hot, and I know it!

No, this is not a pick-up line. On the contrary, it is exactly how I feel about the city during the summers. Pune is known for its tolerable or rather pleasant climatic conditions. However, the city does compete with Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and the likes during the blazing months of April and May. For those who hate the idea of perspiring or the phenomenon of humidity, this place is heaven. Unless you choose to live the life of a camel!

So, like many novices, I choose to explore certain parts of the city on foot during the first two days. It was only after having done so, was I able to comprehend the gravity of the situation and sheer level of stupidity that I tend to showcase often. The experience also helped me understand the true implications of the word – hot-headed.

Lesson 1: Humidity is not bad! As a matter of fact, it reminds you that you are tired and dehydrated. Thereby, compelling you to help yourself to a bottle of water as soon as possible. Dry heat is lovely so long as your body lets you know of the lack of fluids, especially water. Else, you could consider bidding adieu to your sane selves and could probably even land up in a hospital. A scarf, a light shawl or even a dupatta can work wonders. There is no greater sin than exposing your body to extreme heat during the summers of Pune. So, if you must wear a light jacket or even a sweat jacket, do so. You never know when the worst is about to hit you.

(…to be contd..)