When the streets turn Yellow with joy

It is that time of the year again. As yet another harvest festival draws close, one is truly overjoyed upon seeing trees, decked up in yellow.

If you choose to visit Kerala during this festive season, DO NOT miss an opportunity to savour the sight of ‘Kanikonna’.

What is Kanikonna?

Also known as Cassia fistula, the Kanikonna is a yellow flower that is grown during the summers in Indian sub-continent as certain parts of Southeast Asia. This is not a mere ornamental plant. The pulp of the Kanikonna is said to possess many medicinal properties. However, one must consume the medication only upon seeking an Ayurvedic physician’s consent.

The flower is often used as part of the decorations or the special arrangements during Vishu in Kerala. Thereby, brightening up the display on the occasion.

Quick facts about Vishu

Vishu is a harvest festival most often celebrated during the second or third week of April. The Vishukani or the unique decor and the Kaineetam are two essential aspects of the festival. Kaineetam refers to a sum of money that is given to the younger members of the family by the elders. The festival commences with the one seeing the Vishukani before dawn, followed by a short prayer. Families are often seen enjoying a traditional Kerala meal or Sadhya on this day.

This year Vishu will be celebrated on April 15, 2018.