Thoughts of Burnt Siena

Climbing every mountain, following streams

As I continue to drown myself in the wonders of nature, one colour on my palette leads me to yet another series of strokes, tints, and shades.

The variations gradations of burnt sienna (brown) can make even mother nature look tough, bold and magnificent.

My first experience of painting the world ‘burnt sienna’ was at the age of 10. Never had I imagined a tree and its environment to resemble a chocolate factory! The initiative had presented a truly unique set of challenges as well as fun.

The key to monochrome paintings is to allow the simplicity within you to unleash itself and allow your hand to instruct your mind.

This painting is symbolic of how life, no matter how complicated or different it may be, is essentially the simplest journey in the world. The use of one colour implies that with great focus, every obstacle can be converted into a beautiful work of art and would be cherished forever.

Climbing every mountain, following streams

Climbing every mountain, following streams. By Gitanjali Diwakar