Warriors of Coconut land – Part 9

The fourth Otttuchuvadu of the southern style of Kalaripayattu


Drill 4: This drill emphasizes on speed, balance, and flexibility.

Take your stance, preferably that of the horse or the Ashwavadivu. Swing your left hand from the right and place it above your head in a manner wherein the thumb is held close to the index finger.

Following this, place the left hand in its original position and simultaneously move your right leg forward and punch with the right hand. Swing the right hand backward and move the right leg back to its original position. Then, move your right leg forward squat quickly during which you should punch upwards (the upper cut) with your right hand, following which the hand should slice the joint between the should and neck twice but diagonally. Turn 180 degrees, with the left foot being stationery and repeat the routine four times. In the final round, conclude the drill swinging the left hand backward (like in Drill 1) and then rotate the arm forward, while the right foot is placed parallel to the left and the body tilts to the right.

This exercise strengthens the thighs, calf muscles and the back.