Warriors of Coconut land – Part 8


Drill 3: This drill emphasis on defending yourself in an effective manner. Take your stance. You could either stay in the Ashwavadivu (or the horse-like stance) or the face sideways. Place the left hand on your chest or under your arm-pit.

Raise the right foot and turn 180 degrees without bending your knee while your left foot remains firm on the ground. While doing so, swing the hand from below to the front in the anti-clockwise direction.

The drill has the be repeated in all four directions. Practice the routine in the opposite format as well i.e begin with the left-hand and the left-leg. Repeat the same with the left hand by shifting the weight of the body from the left to the right.

The challenge that you are likely to face while doing this drill is – to stay balanced. The person is permitted to use only one hand at a time, while the other remains unused. This drill has proven to be helpful in several situations. One may defend himself or herself, after snatching the opponents weapon, effectively by doing so.