Warriors of Coconut land – Part 7

Ottuchuvadu - the unarmed combat drill (Kalaripayattu)

(… contd – Ottuchuvadu)

Drill 2: This drill requires you to block as well attack.

Stand sideways and say a small prayer. Shift the weight of your body to the right leg while keeping the left foot flat on the ground. Do not bend the left knee.

While doing so, swing the left hand from below to the front in the anti-clockwise direction. Raise the right foot and turn 180 degrees anti-clockwise on your left toes. Simultaneously, raise your left hand and place it in the ‘blocking’ position while punching with your right. Make sure that the fist is firm while punching and that the thumb of the hand, that is blocking the opponent, is held close to the index finger.

Repeat the exercise on all four sides. You may repeat the drill in the opposite direction as well.


This drill also, over a period of time, has to be performed at a faster pace.

(to be contd..)