Thang Ta and the warriors of North-East India

If you ever witness a group of people practising combat techniques using a sword and spear, it is possible that they are practitioners of yet another ancient Indian martial art.

With its roots in North-East India, Thang – Tha has become more than a spectator’s sport. What was once the secret behind the power of Manipur’s Meetei clan, is now viewed as an activity that not only emphasizes on strengthening one’s physique but also grooming them to be bolder, better and more focused human being.

Thang-Ta, which receives its name from the two weapons used (Thang – Sword, Tha- Spear) involves a great deal of meditation as well as an in-depth understanding of the person within.

Although the artform as striking similarities between #Kalaripayattu, Silambam and other forms of combat, this martial art is unique in terms of technique and norms of combat.



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