Nature so green!

Nature - watercolour painting

My latest work of art has been an attempt to explain the true essence of the colour green.

Not only does green imply calm, peace and prosperity, but it also indicates a sense of inert beauty.

It is interesting to note how mother-nature has crafted her many wonders in a manner that redefines perfection. A red rose in a lush-green bush does capture the eye almost instantly.

Such is the beauty of ‘Green’.

Its tints and shades often go unnoticed, especially in the mountain tops. As the mist hides its inner charm, one is compelled to look closer to truly appreciate the impact.

This water-colour painting was done on a sheet of Canson paper. I had used my favourite shade of Green (Sap Green) to depict nature at its best.

Nature - watercolour painting

Nature – watercolour painting