Strokes, shades, tints – art therapy

Art is more than a mere combination of various colors on a palette that scatters the walls. It is often one of the most powerful methods of communication. Historians and many experts on society have stated, time and again, that cave paintings were once a way of conveying crucial messages. Over a period of time, such works have only become more sophisticated. The recent display of a unique painting of the birth of Jesus Christ in Belarus is a unique example of how art could be used to explain a rather complex concept of harmony.

My journey with art commenced many years ago. With each brush stroke, I sense a great deal of liberation and am instantly transported to worlds that only the creative souls are fortunate to visit.

The artwork presented below are merely the beginning of a new journey that  I would like to call self-acutalisation:

  1. Water as pure as innocence

    Water as a pure as life

    This monochrome painting was created on paper with watercolors

2.  Chasing the golden suns

Chasing the golden suns
An artwork that I hold to my heart for it was first oil-painting created on a canvas board**

3. A flick-of-the-hand


My first attempt at creating an Acrylic painting on canvas**

4. Spellbound by nature

Spell-bound by nature

A depiction of perhaps the most scenic areas of Kerala, India. The painting was created using a combination of watercolors and acrylic paint

5. Serenity at its best

Mountains of Himachal

An attempt at depicting the terrains of Himachal Pradesh, India. This work as created on a blackboard with dry pastels

6. Eternal power

Eternal power

‘Aum’ represents many a meaning. To an artist, I believe it means power that knows no limitations. This artwork was created on a drawing board with poster colors and acrylic paint

7. Robotics and man

Robotics and man

A prosthetic arm has proven to have helped many people. This is an attempt at representing its fundamental mechanism on a whiteboard using a rotoring pen and poster colors**

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