India’s latest ‘Metro’ is here |Experience the #KochiMetro

Five years later, Kochi’s Metro Rail line brings joy and relief to the citizens of Kerala’s commercial capital.

Take a look at the intense effort behind the construction of the Kochi Metro Rail line:

Indeed the construction did create a lot of chaos on the streets of Kerala’s commercial capital.

Then again, the wait seems to be worth it.


Photo: Kochi Metro Rail Facebook page

The first phase of the Kochi Metro (stretching from Aluva to Palarivattom, i.e a distance of 13 km) will be functional from June 17, 2017. Mr. Elias George, MD of KMRL, has requested the public to ‘park their cars at home and travel by the Kochi Metro Railways for a month.’

Mr. Elias George also said that the first phase of the project was completed on time and within the allocated budget.

Wondering why? Here are a few facts about Kochi’s latest mode of transportation that could leave you spellbound:

  1. Greater speed, safety, comfort: The Kochi Metro ensures faster, safer and more comfortable transportation in and around the Kochi city. Sources say that the metro rail line will permit people to travel the distance of 13 km within 15 minutes as opposed to the current time schedule of approximately one hour. Moreover, it is designed to make people, especially women, feel safer while travelling late night. CCTV cameras have been placed at various positions of the premises of the metro station. More women personnel – including cops, enquiry desk operators, etc.  have been employed so as to make the experience more convenient for women.

    2. Advanced technology implemented

    Unlike the other metros in the country, the Kochi Metro has implemented the CBTC system (Communication Based Train Control systems). In other words, the driver is only an ornamental aspect of the locomotive as everything else has been computerised. The Kochi Metro has also introduced a mobile app called Kochi One, that is Geo tagged. In short, one would be able to locate a person with the help of the app. It also gives the user information such as locations of the closest ATMs, restaurants, nearest bus stations, auto stands etc.

    How would Kochi Metro change the lives of Kochiites?

    The metro rail system initiated the Kochi-1 smart card that could be used while traveling in various modes of transport including private buses, boats and also for other internet transactions. The authorities have also hope that the metro card could also be used by passengers to complete other domestic tasks as well. This will include purchases at supermarkets, fuel payments, home delivery services, etc.
    More importantly, a city sees greater investments with the introduction of metro transportation. Thus, the Kochi Metro could indeed transform Kochi into the next business hub. Basically, it will add to the Brand Equity of the city.
    water-ways.jpgNow, interestingly the Kochi Metro Rail Ltd also assures the people of Kochi of improved water transport facilities. Several steps have been taken to renovate every boat-jetty in the city and make navigation possible along the backwaters. The aim, as mentioned by the authorities, would be to save time and promote eco-friendly transportation.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience Kochi in style!