Meet Bibi | Find out how his caravan changed the face of Kerala’s tourism

It is the holiday season. While backpackers and campers clean up their gear and tents, others seem to be spending hours before booking portals to grab the best “chill-out”option.

The rates at most hotels and resorts are high. Though the vacation packages might sound more attractive and reasonable, it does not necessarily guarantee quality time with their loved ones. In short, you are likely to travel more than enjoy some precious moments together.

Now. Picture this. A holiday on the move – you travel, have fun, cook, watch televisions and even step out to savor nature in its truest form. Could this be possible? Meet Bibi Ninan Samuel and his most priced holiday idea – camp in a caravan.

IT to travel – the transition

Bibi hails from Kottayam. Upon completing his Bachelor’s in Computer Science engineering from the College of Engineering in Adoor, he worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. Thereby gathering all the knowledge and skills needed to run his own venture. He also spent a few years abroad during which he had developed an affinity towards the caravan. It was this aspect of travelling that seemed to have opened several doors of opportunity.

“There was the inner desire to do something of my own. I liked travelling and it the leadership skill that I had developed in the IT sector I had the courage to stay firm on my decision. I was not keen on being part of an environment that was subject to a lot of work pressure. It was for this reason that I began thinking about way to make holidays in India better and more exciting,” said Bibi.

What is a caravan?

A caravan is predominantly a covered and furnished space that is towed or pulled by another vehicle. The facilities enable travelers to move from one place to another in a carefree manner. Caravans ensure that the person(s) can spend the night comfortable without worrying about issues related to accommodation. Many countries – including the USA and Australia have encourage people to experience such holiday options.

Camp Inn Caravan

The caravan, used by Bibi’s organization, was imported from the USA. There were many challenges with regards to creating three-star facilities within the space. “It has not been a joyous ride. But, in the end, we were able to build a most unique holiday spot,” said Bibi.

At present Camp Inn Caravan, Bibi’s travel venture, has four employees. Fortunately, the idea seemed to have grabbed the attention of many families and the clientele seems to growing. The service also caters to corporate groups as well. A total of five people can be accommodated in the caravan.

“So far, our customers have been thrilled. The experience is unique and they truly enjoyed every moment of it,”added Bibi.

The business side

Established in the year 2016, Bibi stated that there is a more to do and hopes to take each phase in the right stride. Has the compasny been able to break-even? “We are a startup. It is unlikely that we would be able to break-even at this moment in time. But we are able to meet our goals and are on track,” he explains.

This venture offers a few unique packages that are aimed at providing families a memorable vacation in some of Kerala’s most prominent destinations – including Gavi and Munnar. “Most often, tourists are taken to spots that are popular but are not unique. There are several routes that one could take and many scenic view points across the state. But, travelers refuse to explore these sights due to the lack of accessible and safe accommodation. The caravan, in this case, has proven to be the best way to explore a place with your family. After, you do not have to worry about transport of accommodation,” elaborates Bibi.

The rates

Camp Inn Caravan offers a wide variety of tour packages – both day and night holidaying offers.               The minimum rate of these packages is Rs. 25000 for a group of five people. This is inclusive of the caravan’s facilities and a driver who would tow it from one place to another.

Why do you need the driver?

Wondering if you could handle the maneuver the caravan on your own? No, it is not advisable. “These drivers are trained at a centre in Bengaluru before being permitted to drive the caravan around the state. It is a relatively tricky procedure to do so,” he explains.

A supportive family

Bibi’s family has been supportive of his venture and have appreciated the way in which he is able to perform his tasks in a systematic manner. “They aren’t worried for I am following the strategy that I had chalked out,” he said.