Business at Kovalam’s ocean bed

Imagine this. A board meeting in the presence of sea-urchins, needle fish and their families. The only language that one can consider communicating with is ‘Code.’ A pluck card could also be a good solution. Oh yes! You do have to ‘suit-up.’ But ensure than you leave your leather shoes and those fine cotton socks in the boot of the car.


Don’t be. As a part of their year long campaign – Ocean Love, team Bond Safari Kovalam conducted the world’s first underwater CEO’s conference at Kerala’s capital city, Thiruvananthapuram on April 10, 2017.

About CEOs decided to adorn the ‘diver’s attire’ and visit the ocean bed to discuss a sustainable strategy to preserve the earth’s water bodies.

“Water constitutes 77 percent of the earth. Over three billion people across the globe are dependent on the ocean for their survival – fisheries, engineers, archaeologists etc. One-third of the world’s plastic production is dumped into the oceans after being used. This has affected the aquatic life to a large extent. As a result, our water bodies are beginning to degrade over the years. We must act now,” said Jackson Peter, the managing director of Bond Safari Kovalam.



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These CEOs were trained for about two-days by the organisations senior dive instructor Subin. The result, however, was priceless! Each of these CEOs have pledged to their part to the protect the ocean and the living things residing in them. The CEO of the USD group of hotels, Rajagopal Iyer, also stated the Swachch Bharat movement should also focus on keeping the ocean beds clean.

So, what is next?

The organisation is working towards establishing a club by June 2017 that aims at educating the citizen about the ocean, its inhabitants and the need to preserve and protect the earth’s water bodies. This club will be formed in association with a group of a hotels and resorts from southern India.

In the meanwhile, Team Bond Safari is also striving to create an awareness about the beaches and marine life among students from over 100 educational institutions.

Kudos Team Bond Safari! You have done it again.

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