Women power at Kovalam’s ocean bed

Situated in Kerala’s capital city, Thiruvanthapuram, the Kovalam beach has drawn the attention of many tourists for several decades. With homestays, hotels, motels and even hostels at an accessible distance from the beach, this is indeed ‘paradise’ to many. Today, this destination has become a hub for various water sports including diving, surfing, and even snorkeling.


Participants of India’s first all women’s ocean cleanup


Then again, are you wondering about the number of women or girls who would dare to participate in these activities? If you believe that diving at Kovalam is strictly in an ‘all boys zone’, then this tale is bound to alter your perceptions.

Celebrating womanhood

March 9, 2017. While Kovalam, one of Kerala’s most popular beaches, woke up to the usual calls of the fishermen at dawn, a group of women decided to gear up for a special programme.


Eight women had come together for India’s first all women’s ocean cleanup. The activity was aimed at creating an awareness about the harm caused due to the massive accumulation of plastic substances as the ocean bed.


The ocean cleanup

Organised by Bond Safari Ltd, the event saw the participation of women hailing from various walks of life. The group included doctors, social workers, and famous Indian television personalities.


“Studies have found that, unless we take steps today, it is likely that there would be more plastic and few fishes in the ocean by 2020,” explained Jackson Peter, Managing Partner at Bond Safari Ltd.

Take a look at the video and relive the moment. Kudos to the team!