The break

We are truly living in a most amusing world. While many of us find it convenient to take a day off and sit idle, we seem to have forgotten the real essence of the term – a break.

Well, I chose to be the odd-man out and had decided to set out to Tamil Nadu’s capital city, Chennai.

“But why Chennai? It is so hot during the summers,” said many friends. Chennai is my second home. I had spent four wonderful years in the city as a college student. Also, my aunt and uncle, who were more than local guardians to me, always assured me of gigantic helpings of chocolate ice-cream each time I visited them. With many friends staying across the city and a place to stay, Chennai was my favourite holiday destination.

My enthusiastic cousin and her three-year-old son were part of the journey too. For days, there were endless debates on the mode of transport that one could avail to Chennai. Then again, buses seemed unthinkable and the flight charges were exorbitant.So we chose to exploit the railways.

The agenda was set and we were going to be heading to the city of culture for a holiday that would last six-days. It was decided that  I would stay with my uncle and aunt while she spent time with her friend and her son.

The train-journey lasted a little over 12 hours but it was worth it. We met a few interesting co-passengers and had actually spent some quality time with each other. Indeed, my nephew did keep us entertained as well.

So what was the itinerary? Nothing. My cousin and I chose to chalk out separate plans for the holiday. That way, we could do more, see more and have more to talk about.

While she went about exploring a farm situated in Shollinganallur with her friends, I decided to do all that I hadn’t done until now. A ride on ECR with a friend, a visit to a decent bar-cum-restaurant that served some fabulous starters,  a short trek up St. Thomas Mount and even fishing. But the best part of the trip was undoubtedly those moments that I had spent with many old friends. According to me, that was priceless!
As we headed back to my hometown, Kochi, I realised that holidays are more than just opportunities to sight-see. This trip brought me closer to my cousin and her family for the two of us had ample time to learn more about each other. I realised that friendship is something that knows no rules. Moreover, it is a blessing indeed, to have friends who become family. Also, family is a very dynamic concept but when you have one that cares and watches out for you when the chips are down, it is the greatest gift of all!